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piClinic Vision

The piClinic provides a low-cost solution that is built on the digital principles to help clinics automate their existing paper patient record system and patient-visit reporting. Adopting a piClinic system provides immediate reporting benefits while preparing the clinic to move to an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system in the future.

Clinics can adopt the piClinic system and functionality that best fits their existing patient and record workflow and the system can grow with the clinic.

piClinic Benefits

Moving from a paper-based patient ID and record system to a piClinic system helps clinics organize their workflow, periodic reporting, and patient record keeping at each level of adoption.

Automating the Clinic’s Patient Master Index

Entering patients into the automated Patient Master Index of the piClinic, helps a clinic maintain up-to-date patient information and eliminates duplicate and incorrect patient information.

Automating the Clinic’s Daily Patient Log

piClinic systems can track patients as they are admitted and discharged from the clinic. These patient visits are summarized for each paitent, providing a quick view of the patient’s history, and can be reported as daily logs of activity and statistical summaries of visits and diagnoses.

Automating periodic Clinic reports

piClinic systems provide automatic summarization of clinic activities and the generation of periodic reports and statistical summaries.

Photocopy of Patient Records

Patient records and related patient information can be recorded photographically and kept with other patient information to serve as a backup and quick reference.