Mercer On Mission - 2019

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LOCATION Limited resource health clinics on Roatán, Honduras.
DATES May 15 to June 5, 2019
FACULTY • Robert Watson, Ph.D. EGR TCO
• David Nelson, Ph.D. CLA
COURSES • INT 301/CSL 210.3TM-HOND International Service Learning: Honduras
• EGR TCO 491.3TM-HOND Spc Top: International Qualitative User Research/MOM
PRESENTATION Student Volunteer Presentation

Roatán, Honduras
Where we’ll be going

Clinic Adminsitrator
How clinics currently manage patient data

Patients waiting in clinic
Patients waiting to see the doctor

Project summary

The goal of the project is to test a system that could help increase the ability for clinics to care for their patients. Currently, the clinics that we’ll visit spend several days a month processing just the administrative paperwork of the clinic. This system could reduce that time from days to minutes, but we need to find out by testing it in real clinics.

On this trip, we will install prototype patient record automation systems in three not-for-profit clinics on the island of Roatán, Honduras. These systems will ease the clinics’ paperwork burden and provide the clinics’ with a more detailed awareness of patient health, which, together will help these clinics provide better service to the patients they serve. Your work on this project will help take this project to the next level such that it will be able to help many more clinics.

Most of the work performed on this trip will be interacting with the clinic staff to train and observing them as they adapt to the new systems. The systems being installed are pre-production prototypes, so collecting notes and observations on how the clinic staff adapts the new systems will be a priority task.


A day in the life



Global impact

For more information, contact Robert Watson