piClinic Console Parts

This parts list was valid as of September 2018. Parts availability can change without notice. If a link is no longer valid or a part is no longer available, refer to the descriptions below to determine a suitable replacement.

Item Name Item Description and link Qty
HDMI Monitor Sceptre E series E205W-1600 V1 20” Screen LED-Lit Monitor 1.00
CPU board Raspberry PI 3 Model B 1.2GHz 64-bit quad-core ARMv8 CPU, 1GB RAM 1.00
CPU case VESA Mount Case for Raspberry Pi 3 1.00
Monitor display cable StarTech.com 0.3m 1ft Short High Speed HDMI Cable 1.00
Mouse & Keyboard AmazonBasics Wired Keyboard and Wired Mouse Bundle Pack 1.00
Power strip Firstbuy 3-Outlet Smart Power Strip Surge Protector 6-foot Cord 1.00
CPU cable Micro USB Cable, PROWORX Durable [2-Pack] Micro USB (1ft) Black Cable High Speed USB 2.0 A Male to Micro B 0.50
CPU SDHC card SanDisk Extreme PLUS 32GB microSDHC UHS-I Card - SDSQXBG-032G-GN6MA 1.00
USB connectors Anker 4-Port USB 3.0 Ultra-Slim Portable Data Hub with 12W Power Adapter 1.00
CPU clock module 1 set:  DAOKI 5 PCS DIY DS3231 Precision RTC Clock Memory Module for Arduino Raspberry Pi 0.20
UPS battery backup CyberPower CP550SLG Standby UPS System, 550VA/330W, 8 Outlets 1.00
Mounting hardware:
Cable mounts
9mm Width Cable Zip Tie Mount Base Saddle Type Wire Holder 50Pcs 0.04
Mounting hardware:
Mounting tape
Scotch Extreme Mounting Tape, 1-inch X 60-inches, Black, 1-Roll (414P) 0.33
Mounting hardware:
Cable ties
Cable Zip Ties, Ohuhu 400 Pieces Self-Locking Cable Zipties, Black & White Nylon Ties 0.02
Mounting hardware:
Cable tube
Wire Loom Black 20’ Feet 1” Split Tubing Hose Cover Auto Home Marine by Nippon America 0.10
Mounting hardware:
Connector protection (USB)
VNDEFUL 20 Pcs Black Rubber USB A Type Female Anti Dust Cover Protector Plugs Stopper Cover 0.10
Mounting hardware:
Connector protection (RJ45)
uxcell Ethernet Hub Port RJ45 Anti Dust Cover Cap Protector Connector 10Pcs Black 0.10


HDMI Monitor

The Raspberry Pi should work with any LCD monitor with an HDMI input. If the part linked in the table is not available, or another monitor was found with better price or availability, it can be used. The VESA Mount Case cannot be screwed to monitors that do not support a VESA mount (the four screws on the back of the monitor and set at 75mm or 100mm apart).

NOTE: It is easier to attach the parts to monitors with flat backs than to those with curved back surfaces.

CPU board

The Raspberry Pi 3 (Model B) is required for this configuration. The software is not supported on other systems; however, you are certainly welcome to experiment, if that’s your interest.

NOTE: Do not substitute this part with earlier models of the Raspberry Pi. Earlier models do not have the performance to support this software. Later models will likely work, but might require more power.

CPU case

The VESA mount case provides a neat, convenient, and secure mount for the CPU board. While this is not required to operate the system, it make the system more reliable by holding all the parts and cables in one place.

Mouse and keyboard

These are generic parts and may be substituted with any other USB mouse and/or keyboard (for example, one with a layout suitable to the local language).

Power strip

This is optional, but it provides a neat way to secure the cables while providing a single on/off switch for the user.

CPU power cable

This is a generic USB-A male to USB-micro B cable. It may be substituted with any similar cable.


This card is the heart of the system and should only be replaced by a card that has the same or higher performance. Less expensive cards, if used, are likely to reduce the performance of the system to the point of not being usable.

A card with 32GB of space should provide a small clinic with sufficient capacity for several years. Cards with 64GB capacity have also been tested. In addition to the capacity of the card, a card with read/write performace of up to 95MB/s read; up to 90MB/s write speed or better should be used.

USB connectors

This extension USB port is to provide easy access to the USB ports of the Raspbery Pi for download and backup. It also protects the USB ports of the Raspberry Pi from damage from insertions and removals by providing additional ports off of the board.

Use of this part is recommended to ensure longer, reliable service from the Raspberry Pi CPU board.

CPU clock module

This is required when using the Raspberry Pi to keep the correct time. The Raspberry Pi system requires this component or a connection to the Internet in order to maintain accurate time keeping. For systems that are not connected to the Internet continuously, this component must be used to maintain accurate system time.

Note, field testing suggests that modules with replaceable backup batteries might provide a more sustainable design.

UPS battery backup

This is required in environments with unreliable electrical power. The system listed here will power the system with the monitor on for about an hour. With the monitor switched off, it will power the CPU board for about a day.

Mounting Hardware

The following hardware is used to secure the cables and components to prevent damage and unreliable operation that can result from excessive movement and vibration.