piClinic Support of WHO Digital Health Interventions

The piClinic system provides a low-cost patient-record automation solution to help small clinics automate their existing paper-based patient record system and patient-visit reporting. By providing these features, the piClinic system provides these Digital Health Interventions (DHI) as described by the World Health Organization.

DHI Class. DHI Description Current implementation Future options
2.1.1 Verify client unique identity Patient master index
Patient photo
National ID
2.2.1 Longitudinal tracking of client’s health status and services received Patient visit and diagnosis tracking  
2.2.2 Manage client’s structured clinical records Visit summary information Track additional visit details
2.2.3 Manage client’s unstructured clinical records Track paper patient records through paitent ID Store and link digital copies of forms and images
2.3 Healthcare provider decision support   After inital deployment, additional decision support features can be investigated
3.4 Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Supported as report of clinic activity  
3.5.6 Manage budget and expenditures Tracks and reports clinic visit receipts  
4.1.2 Data storage and aggregation Stores and reports on patient visits and diagnoses Additional reporting and anlysis methods
4.2.3 Classify disease codes Supports top two levels of ICD-10 coding—approx 11,000 disease codes stored in device. Connect to online databases for more detailed coding
4.4.1 Data exchange across systems Supports data and report export in JSON and CSV formats  

Download from the World Health Organization, the Classification of Digital Health Interventions v1.0 for more information.